Kid Blurbs: Disruptive Cat Videos

Some of the things that I like to write in my pocket notebooks are the funny things that our children will do or say. I call these “kid blurbs” and the best ones I like to post here for posterity’s sake and also because they might make others laugh as much as we did when they happened.

One recent Saturday, we were all gathered at the table, eating homemade French toast, bacon, and eggs. Conversations and chuckles abounded, just like usual when out of nowhere, Willow’s hand shoots up into the air. She says, “I have a confession to make!” We all stare at her and as parents, we wonder what kind of mischief is she going to admit to this time. She then says “I post cat videos that are sometimes disruptive.” She’s 7 years old and has no social media accounts. We also do not have a cat.

At another meal, mom is telling our oldest, Peanut, about the ceramic figurines called “Precious Moments” and how she knew of people that collected them and even displayed them prominently in their homes. I asked her if she had ever heard of Precious Monents, and before she could answer, G-man pipes up and says “Nope, because she’s never had any!” That’s a quick roast right there!

Finally, we were all in the car, driving somewhere and G-man says “My brother shot me in the head with the Airsoft gun a couple of days ago.” This is a classic little brother move, bringing up something that happened in the past. So we asked Boy Wonder what he was talking about and he responds, “Well, I thought I was shooting a pillow, or possible a blanket!” Might need to require that he wear his glasses while shooting going forward.