Top 10 List: Modes of Transportation

As a writing exercise, making lists of things can be fun and challenging. The first few things on the list are easy, but then filling it to the end can be harder. For my list today, I have chosen “Modes of Transportation That I’d Like to Take.

  1. Train – I love them and the idea of crossing the country in one is so appealing.
  2. Zeppelin
  3. Recumbent tandem bicycle
  4. Cruise ship
  5. Long zip line
  6. Passenger in a driverless car (autopilot) – I cannot wait for this to become a regular thing since as a legally blind guy, I haven’t driven a car in about 14 years.
  7. Segway
  8. Gondola
  9. R.V.
  10. Hot air balloon

Most of the modes of transportation are more leisurely ways of getting somewhere. That fits with my personality I guess. This list was written in a Pitch Black Field Notes with a Blackwing 10001, which is a lovely combination.

Stuff I Learned From Podcasts: Issue 5

Stuff You Should Know – How Tsunamis Work

  • They can travel at speeds up to 600 miles per hour…woah.
  • Tsunami is a Japanese word for harbor wave.
  • A tsunami is formed by the huge release of energy from an earthquake on the ocean floor. The wave spreads out like a ripple going in all directions.
  • The tsunami stretches from the ocean floor to the surface, sometimes a mile or more in height.
  • Tallest tsunami wave ever measured was in Alaska in 1958. It measured 520 meters or 1,710 feet above sea level. That’s taller than most of the tallest buildings in the world.

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How Field Notes Keeps a Secret

Here at Inklings & Paper Things, we love Field Notes. In fact, I credit Field Notes and their design aesthetic for helping to revitalizing my love of stationery things. They are simple, small enough to be easily carried in a pocket and are durable. One of the best part of being a fan of Field Notes is their highly anticipated quarterly limited editions. But as with anything that is anticipated, there are people that simply hate to wait for the edition to show up in their mailbox and instead try to crack the secret beforehand. To this end, Field Notes has to work to keep it under wraps.

MSNBC recently did a video segment about Field Notes and how they keep the secrets from being spoiled. It offers a fun inside look at the company and its iconic notebooks.