Kid Blurbs: Of Alien Nostrils and Mexican Studs

Our kids are funny, creative and sometimes even a bit strange with the things that they talk about. Here is this week’s edition of Kid Blurbs, each of which was originally captured in a Field Notes Autumn Trilogy, the scarlet oak notebook.

The first three are all from Willow, our 6-year-old daughter.

We were discussing the different wing flavors offered by Pizza Hut, as we were about to place an order. Mom reads off the flavors, “Mild Buffalo, Medium, Garlic Parmesan, Smokey Sriracha…” At this, Willow interrupts and says “Smokey Sriracha was my middle name in High School.”

While riding in the backseat on the way to church, Willow pipes up and says My nostrils look like an alien.” The picture below offered as photo evidence that she isn’t wrong.

After eating lunch with my dad, PawPaw to the kids, Willow asked to ride back home with him. PawPaw later tells us that after pulling away from the restaurant, she asked him to put the radio on MIX 100.3 and began singing along with the songs. Backseat DJ here. Interspersed with the music, she peppers him with all manner of questions. He apparently is not acknowledging all of her questions so she then asks, “PawPaw, are you deaf?”

This last one is courtesy of Peanut (15-year-old daughter) as she is just about to dig into her Mexican Spud from a local place called Something Different. She looked at me and with a deep, sultry sounding voice says “Bro, look at my Mexican stud.”  She immediately busts out laughing, realizing that she had misspoken, at least I think she did.