Inklings: Sonic Wonderland

I often come across things in the day that catches me a little off guard, that surprise me or just make me think or laugh. These “inklings” posts will be where I put some of those as a way to remember for myself and to share with others.

I recently listened to a podcast episode about sounds in nature that really struck me as fun and unusual. The podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz, which is all about sound, did an episode entitled Sonic Wonderland. This particular episode looked at unusual sounds in nature and it is just awe-inspiring to hear so many nature sounds that I have never encountered before. The episode features an interview with acoustician and author, Trevor Cox, who wrote a book called Sonic Wonderland. Audio that Mr. Cox has recorded from all over the world is played in this episode and all of it is just wild to hear. My favorite is the sound from the Kelso Dune Field in the Mojave Desert. It is this reverberating sound caused by the wind and the shifting sand and it is hard to believe that it even exists.

The video below provides another example of this amazing sound and also includes detail about what causes it.

I highly recommend that you listen to this particular episode of Twenty Thousand Hertz, and while you are there, check out some of the other episodes as well. I have learned a lot about all manner of sounds, including the Wilhelm Scream found in many Hollywood blockbusters. Once you hear about it, you will find the Wilhelm in many of your favorite movies.